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We’re looking for a Senior Technical Artist with significant experience shipping games professionally, who is self-directed and excellent at collaborating across disciplines. We consider this a senior role due to the emphasis on understanding priorities at the project level and aligning the efforts of teams of artists and programmers.​

Get Set Games is working on a comedic first person melee game for leading consoles, VR, and PC and we’ll need a Senior Technical Artist with a breadth of knowledge working within the UE4 environment.​

You’ll be helping the team create art more efficiently with better tools, bridging the space between programmers and artists, and optimizing the performance of various visual systems within the engine and across multiple platforms. You’ll be a key contributor to our team, and we’ll always support your continued growth.

People at Get Set Games 

The foundations of the company were laid over a decade ago. We attribute our longevity to a focus on putting our team first. We strongly believe in a healthy work/life balance, we solve problems proactively and collaboratively, and we put an emphasis on good planning because we are against overwork (aka crunch). 


Aligning with our values is a prerequisite for becoming a great addition here. 

Our GamesWe aim to make experiences that matter. Our goal as a team is to create heartfelt, exceptional-quality work that resonates with people. 

Our Team We believe a healthy team leads to a thriving company. Every team member has a role to play in creating an environment of safety, integrity, support and recognition so that we can all have the courage to be our best selves. 

Our CommunityWe believe in being good neighbours. We want to help bring about positive change in the industry with the principles of inclusivity, equity and respect at the forefront.

 The Most Important Parts of Your Job 

Professional experience – You need to be familiar with every phase of getting a game out the door, working with a team from prototype to release. A university degree is nice, and so is experience in a related field, but your team is counting on the fact that you have gained knowledge from addressing numerous challenges over your career.

Collaborating across disciplines – You’ll be helping designers, developers and artists do their job more effectively. You’ll be teaching, collecting requirements, and fixing problems. The importance of great communication can’t be overstated.

Self-directed - If your queue is empty you won’t wait for someone to tell you what to work on. You drive your own efforts to learn and grow. 

The Technical Art Domain 

We operate in the Unreal Engine environment. We will use a stylized PBR workflow, use Blueprints for prototyping, Niagara for effects and we will be delivering on multiple hardware platforms.

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